A Path to Political Recovery & Spiritual Renewal


Civility is in decline in America. Fear and certitude are paralyzing our country. With Congress in gridlock, more Americans are leaning toward authoritarian political figures and the courts for answers to unaddressed legislative questions. Social media seems like an endless landscape of echo chambers and battle bunkers, contributing to dehumanization in our culture and polarization in our politics. Many over-engage, while many more don’t engage at all. The rest wonder, "Will we survive these great challenges?"

Ending Our Uncivil War
Jim Brown

JIM BROWN author

Author Jim Brown has an extensive background in government, media and interpersonal relations. He is the Tennessee State Director for the National Federation of Independent Business, Tennessee’s and the nation’s leading small-business advocacy association. An advocate for thousands of small businesses, he works with leaders at the state and federal level on general interest issues for entrepreneurs. He was named to NashvillePost.com’s “In Charge” list of 400 influential Middle Tennessee leaders from 2011-2016.


Father Richard Rohr

Founder, The Center for Action and Contemplation

"Jim Brown shares how he acquired the necessary tools – including a more contemplative mind, the routine of morning prayer, and avoidance of 'either-or' binaries – to experience healing open-heartedness and binding open-mindedness. He illuminates a path to spiritual growth and political recovery – serving regularly, loving our enemies, and refraining from scapegoating – that will help end our uncivil war."

Marjorie K. Eastman

Author, The Frontline Generation: How We Served Post 9/11

"Jim Brown’s Ending Our Uncivil War is a resounding call to action to promote our nation’s great ideals and improve our social and political engagement. His book covers critically important topics – a commitment to serving regularly in our communities and institutions, more reflection and understanding of each other, and renewed bipartisanship."

David Plazas

Director of Opinion and Engagement, USA TODAY NETWORK Tennessee

“Ending our Uncivil War is a powerful call to elevating the virtue of good citizenship and defending American democracy. This book is an essential read in today’s divisive political climate. Author Jim Brown challenges us to become better informed, to get out of our echo chambers, to hold conversations with people who do not think like us, to truly listen, to open our minds to the hard truth that we may not always be right and to exercise our constitutional rights. He ably points out problems and also offers solutions in the form of achievable action steps that anyone can do.”

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