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BOOK RELEASE: "Ending Our Uncivil War"

An 'Essential Read in Today's Political Climate'

Acclaimed Author Father Richard Rohr, USA TODAY NETWORK’s David Plazas Endorse Timely, Transformative Book

NASHVILLE, TN, December 30, 2017 – Liberal and conservative critics are praising Ending Our Uncivil War: A Path to Political Recovery & Spiritual Renewal for charting an achievable track to greater civility and government functionality in America. Author Jim Brown, with an extensive background in government, media and interpersonal relations, provides the reader attainable action steps to rise well above dehumanizing social media and counter the fear, certitude and inclination toward authoritarianism that justifiably have many concerned. The timely book is now available on and, at select bookstores and via 

“Many on the left and right are distrustful and even disgusted with each other,” Brown says. “Amid crumbling relationships and a rise in echo chambers in mainstream and social media, many are wondering what can be done. My book is part of a growing counter-movement to reestablish civil discourse and political functionality, spotlighting leaders whose daily social and political engagements are exemplary, as well as the many similarities among races, religions and political parties amid today’s tremendous ground turbulence.”

Brown invites the reader to get comfortable by boarding a beautiful, spacious airplane and get well above that turbulence. He then asks him to get uncomfortable, check his political baggage, turn off his smartphone, and choose a seatmate who is either a political foe or someone who frustrates him to no end. Brown then shares illuminating lessons from his self-examination after reading a simple bumper sticker, “Don’t believe everything you think.” He provides the reader and chosen seatmate not only uplifting stories but also common-bond experiences through serving regularly, growing spiritually, protecting speech and reforming the government through bipartisan actions. Each chapter ends with Action Steps, some of which are offered at 

The book is garnering excellent reviews from a diverse group of spiritual, political and media leaders, including David Plazas, Director of Opinion and Engagement, USA TODAY NETWORK Tennessee: “Ending Our Uncivil War is a powerful call to elevating the virtue of good citizenship and defending American democracy. This book is an essential read in today’s divisive political climate. [Brown] challenges us to become better informed, to get out of our echo chambers, to hold conversations with people who do not think like us, to truly listen, to open our minds to the hard truth that we may not always be right and to exercise our constitutional rights.”  

Father Richard Rohr, noted author and Founder of the Center for Action & Contemplation in Albuquerque, N.M., adds: “Jim Brown shares how he acquired the necessary tools – including a more contemplative mind, the routine of morning prayer, and avoidance of 'either-or' binaries – to experience healing open-heartedness and binding open-mindedness. He illuminates a path to spiritual growth and political recovery – serving regularly, loving our enemies, and refraining from scapegoating – that will help end our uncivil war.”

Jim Brown is the Tennessee State Director for the National Federation of Independent Business. He was named to’s “In Charge” list of 400 influential Middle Tennessee leaders from 2011-2016. He served previously as NFIB’s Senior Media Manager and Business Editor of The City Paper in Nashville. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Vanderbilt University and served in the U.S. Navy as a Supply Officer on the USS Bainbridge.




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