Readers on the left, middle and right are celebrating the impact of Ending Our Uncivil War! Check out these reactions and reviews from people who’ve read the book.

Your book is beautiful and wonderful and wise! Thank you so much!

Roy H.

This is one of the most important books that I've read this year. You will finish this book feeling encouraged and walk away with a deeper perspective, action steps and resources.

Marjorie E.

Ending Our Uncivil War is exciting, fresh and hopeful. Congratulations … on this new dialogue to bring us back to a sense of humanity and dignity. … I hope and it pray it goes national.

Stefan M.

Like so many of us, [your book’s message has helped me] move and change my ways of isolationism, otherness and judgment. … My family and I have decided to read it together and have a conversation about it.

Lisa H.

After reading your book, I look at matters more discernibly and with less rush.

Kyle W.

A must-read in today's polarized climate!

Andrew M.

If you are looking for great ideas on how we can begin our political recovery start by reading this book. This brings a simple perspective on how we may have arrived into today's climate and practical steps on how to move forward. Get on the plane ride, check your own political baggage and enjoy the read. Thank you, Jim Brown!

Hugh M.

Ending Our Uncivil War is hands down the most inspiring book I've read in a long while.

Anne B.

If today’s rhetoric bothers you, like really bothers you, this book by my friend Jim Brown will challenge you to discover why. Highly recommend!

Kevin G.

Ending Our Uncivil War should be a required read for every American during this trying time in our history. Jim Brown gives an unbiased picture of our current state, and he offers tangible recommendations for those of us who are wondering how to make a difference and make our voices heard. Consider this a textbook for how to respectfully participate in our democracy, while becoming a more tolerant and well rounded citizen.

Grace L.

This book is thoughtful, spirit-filled, and heartfelt. It gives me hope that we really can bridge the divide that seems so wide in this country. It's true: ‘Don't believe everything you think.’ Great work!

Jim V.

More of this please! I’ve had the privilege this year to sit in circle with Jim Brown on several occasions and now I can call him a friend. … If his views and calls for more civil discourse resonate with you, as they do with me, buy his book.

Tracy R.

In such an almost surreal time in our world, I found [the book’s message] so very encouraging. I especially [appreciate] calling people to interact with people of other political parties. …To that end, I am participating in a monthly community roundtable of [men and women] who all have different beliefs. We have healthy exchanges regarding all current topics - politics, religion, race, guns. We have … decided we could impact our world by having normal conversations with each other. The hope is that eventually, each of us will start our own groups and create a ripple effect with people we come in contact with daily.

Julie H.

I have only begun to read your incredible work, but if the rest of the book is anything like the introduction, your book is priceless.

Drew L.

A powerful message at the perfect time! The timing of Ending Our Uncivil War could not be better. Our country has never seen a larger partisan divide. Jim encourages us to rise above the fray and solve the greatest problems troubling our nation. A must read!

Dean W.

The greatest danger facing the United States at the present time is the rapid growth of political and cultural polarization. When conservatives and liberals start seeing each other not as fellow citizens who share many fundamental values in common, but as enemies who are worthy only of contempt and hate, we are in deep trouble. This book offers a wise, earnest, and wide-ranging antidote to such knee-jerk "us vs. them" modes of thought. Highly recommended!

Michael B.

Jim Brown's book could not have come at a better time! So many of us believe what we believe and are not open to even considering the opinions of others. This book reminds us to listen to others and in doing so expand our understanding. ‘Don't believe everything you think’ is a challenge to all of us to stop talking and start listening.

Maureen D.

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